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  As Marina Island Pangkor Hotel & Resorts is situated in the middle of Marina Island Pangkor, our resort is surrounded by extensive activities that the island has to offer not to forget variety of nature beauties in and surrounding of the island.

Beach soccer/beach volleyball

Nothing better than having a group of friends/family gather around and playing soccer or beach volleyball at our beach.

Giant Grouper Feeding
Come up close with Giant Groupers. Refer to hotel front office.
Aromatherapy Traditional Malay Massage
Set in a relaxing,in-room and private environment, pamper yourself with the exclusively new launched spa package by our spa on Marina Island, including a complimentary gifts and herbal drinks.

Cycle and explore Marina Island as you discover the hidden gems of Marina Island such as iconic photo taking spots, breathtaking views of nature of sandy beach, waterfront picnic, and so much more.

Enjoy your leisure swim with your family at our seawater lagoon or swimming pool
Kayaking & Canoeing

Both canoeing and kayaking involve paddling a small craft through water. They are low-impact activities improve your aerobic fitness, balancing, strength and flexibility. Choose between paddling in Marina Island’s lagoon with live seawater or go out and explore the open sea

Batik Drawing

The soon to extinct cultural skill handed down by our ancestors that must be preserved. Pick up this exotic skill and learn Malay traditional batik drawing while holidaying in Marina Island

Sunset cruise
Enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise on the luxury boat with an affordable price while enjoy water activities such as swimming, snorkelling and dinghy ride.

The forever open fishing pond in Marina Island is a paradise for all fishing enthusiasts. Come along with your fishing rod and get lucky with rewarding catches such as grouper fish weighing up to 20kg! Fishing rod is also available for rent. Too easy? Try fishing at the open sea instead. Fish by our Rockbund fishing deck or rent a boat out to the sea.

Scuba Diving

Diving is a fashionable recreation activity. Don’t miss out to experience the affordable and good quality underwater experience around Marina Island. Seek out the seahorse, large and small nudibranch, juvenile moray eels, scorpion fish, colorful corals and so much more at the natural diving paradise around Marina Island such as Sembilan Island and Pangkor Island. Professional PADI course is also available here.

Yoga Class

Stretch and relax your body in the fresh morning sea breeze. There’s no better place to do yoga other than yoga park at Marina Island. Join us for free in the morning.


Stroll along our beach at Jetty complex at your own leisure whole day long for free

Prawn Farm

Ever wonder how is the life cycle of king prawns? What it takes to be a professional King Prawn farmer? Get your answers here in our King Prawn Farm in Marina Island.

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