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Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Manjung Branch) restarts the Beauty of Manjung – China Press (Friday, 5th August 2022)

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🗞️ The Tourism Plan “Beauty of Manjung” aims to do monthly visits in promoting the hidden gems and tourist attractions in Manjung districts and to cover local delicacies, accommodation and local products.
🗞️ In 2020, Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Manjung Branch) had visited Kampung Bharu Fishing Village Wharf, Sitiawan Port Vegetable Garden, Tua Pek Kong Temple, Guanyin Hall, Marina Island and more. They also met the local leaders and industry players to discuss how to expand local tourism, create and promote business opportunities
🗞️ However, the President of the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Manjung Branch), Mr Ong Kean Sing, pointed out that the Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted the “Beauty of Manjung” data collection and the project had to be put on hold. Since the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia is improving, the plan for “Beauty of Manjung” has restarted, and they will visit more “hidden” tourist attractions in Manjung in the future.
🗞️ On 6th August 2022, Mr Ong Kean Sing and the team visited the Jurassic Park in Kampung Jering New Village of Ayer Tawar and the Mini Great Wall in Kampung Merbau New Village of Ayer Tawar. Both attractions will be included in the plan for “Beauty of Manjung”.
🗞️ “Beauty of Manjung” is a tourism plan that will cover more than 10 tourist attractions, accommodation and food recommendations. Once it is completed, the plan will be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) for approval. Furthermore, “Beauty of Manjung” aims to introduce and promote the travel plan to Domestic and overseas travellers who travel for business purposes or travelling.
🗞️ Ong Kean Sing emphasizes that cooperation and support from everyone including local leaders, associations and tourism operators are needed to ensure the plan for “Beauty of Manjung” will work out well as various tourist attractions in the Manjung area will offer various business opportunities.
🗞️ Moreover, the “Beauty of Manjung”’s website and Facebook page will be created containing the latest information about tourist attractions in Manjung.

Marina Island Pangkor, led by its CEO Ms Ding Mei Looi was excited to be a part of this project.

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